Pereira Lab Launches Spin-Off Company Asgard Therapeutics

The Pereira Lab formally spun out Sweden-based immuno-oncology company called Asgard Therapeutics, aiming to be the first company in the world to develop a cancer therapy based on direct cell reprogramming. Asgard Therapeutics will develop cancer immunotherapies based on the properties of so-called dendritic cells, immune cells specialized in dissecting dangerous particles so killer white blood cells can recognise them as threats that must be destroyed. The approach, named TrojanDC, builds on findings from laboratory studies indicating that a formulation of three essential proteins, PU.1, IRF8 and BATF3, could be used to repurpose mouse and human skin cells as dendritic cells. Pereira Lab researchers Filipe Pereira, Cristiana Pires and Fábio are co-founders of the venture, together with Lund University Holding.