Abigail Altman

PhD Student

Understanding Dendritic Cell Diversity with Direct Cell Reprogramming


Abigail (Abby) completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Denver where she had her first contact with immunology while studying the HIV Envelope protein. She quickly realized she was more interested in immune responses over pathogens and moved across the Atlantic to Sweden to pursue a Master’s degree at Lund University. During her Master’s, in the Pereira Lab, Abby identified the transcription factor combination necessary to induce plasmacytoid dendritic cell identify from fibroblasts. Abby’s interest in applying reprogramming to better understand lineage specification of immune cells inspired her to pursue a PhD where she is now exploring dendritic cell and lymphoid lineages diversity. She hopes her efforts will help not only to better understand immune cell fate decisions but can also be repurposed towards patient-specific immunotherapies.

Besides research, Abby is involved in diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) efforts at the Lund Stem Cell Center since the DEI Committee was created in 2021. She is driven towards developing and implementing initiatives that promote DEI practices including creating educational activities and resources designed to increase awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion principles in her environment.

In her free time, Abby loves everything about the outdoors. She likes running, hiking, camping, and above all skiing. Abby is also an avid reader and enjoys spending time with her dog.

Scientific Events

@Scandinavian Society for Immunology Annual Meeting 2021
Best Poster Award
@Lund Stem Cell Center Retreat 2022

Academic Background

  • MSc in Molecular Biology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden (2021)
  • BSc in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Denver, Colorado, USA (2019)