Ervin Aščić

PhD Student

Harnessing Dendritic Cell Reprogramming to Elucidate Mechanisms of Tumor Immunity


Ervin Ascic is a PhD student with a defined interest into the field of cancer immunotherapy. He obtained his MSc degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna and has joined the research group for his master’s thesis. Prior to his relocation to Sweden, Ervin worked in the R&D department of Takeda and contributed to the development of two gene therapies for hemophilia. The internships in Big Pharma and the Medical University of Vienna, instilled within Ervin a profound interest for the cancer research field. In the Pereira Lab, Ervin embarked a PhD project, in which he focuses on the concept of in vivo reprogramming to transform cancer cells into antigen-presenting dendritic cells type 1 and bolster immunological competence against the tumor. Ervin’s primary objective is to actively support the development of a patient-specific cancer immunotherapy and concurrently securing definitive proof-of-principle to lay the foundation for first-in-human trials. With full commitment, Ervin hopes to combat currently untreatable cancers, thereby reshaping the landscape of cancer treatment.

Besides the dedication to his PhD project, Ervin is enthusiastic about science communication. As a science communicator of the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine in Lund, together with two other talented communicators (Nejc Arh, Lisa Karlsson) Ervin is shaping the center’s communication strategies, driving the conceptualization of monthly newsletters, organizing engaging scientific events and meetings, curating social media content, and implementing strategies to continuously enhance communication standards. Together with his dedicated colleagues, Ervin established a successful monthly popular science event called the ScienceBrew, held in a cozy local pub in Lund. This gathering serves as a platform for talented young scientists to share their groundbreaking research with the wider public. Ervin hopes by bridging the gap between science and society to bring cutting-edge science closer to the public and fostering a deeper appreciation for science, scientists, and their influential work.

Academic Backgroud

  • Master’s degree in Molecular Biology, University of Vienna (Austria);
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, University of Vienna (Austria).

Previous Experience

  • Immunoassay Development and Optimization – Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • AAV Gene Therapy for Hemophilia A, B – Takeda