Fábio Fiúza Rosa

PhD Student

Generating Dendritic Cells by Direct Cellular Reprogramming


Fábio Fiúza Rosa has developed a strong interest in deciphering how direct cell reprogramming can be used to manipulate immune responses. In August 2015, Fábio joined Filipe Pereira’s group as a master student, where he studied the induction of the dendritic cell fate in fibroblasts by cell reprogramming. In 2018 Fábio started his graduate studies at University of Coimbra and Lund University focused on the generation of human type 1 dendritic cells by cell reprogramming. Fábio is passionate about entrepreneurship, being co-founder and board member of 2 biotech start up companies.

In his free-time, Fábio loves playing guitar, watching Netflix and exercise in the gym. Cheese and red wine are two of Fábio’s greatest passions.


  • Danish Single Cell Symposium (2019)
  • EMBO Workshop in Antigen Processing and Presentation (2019)
  • 5th Workshop in Dendritic Cell Biology (2019)
  • 5th European Congress of Immunology (2018)
  • Champalimaud Research Symposium (2017)
  • 10th International Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapy (2017)
  • XLIII Portuguese Immunology Society SPI Annual Meeting (2017)

Science Outreach

  • Stem Cell Center Retreat 2020 (Lund, Sweden)
  • BEB PhD Day 2019
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In the Media

Spin-Off Co-Founder

Academic Background

  • PhD in Biomedicine, University of Coimbra & Lund University (Portugal & Sweden);
  • Masters in Biochemistry, University of Coimbra (Portugal);
  • Biology Degree, University of Coimbra (Portugal).


Direct Reprogramming of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts to Conventional Type 1 Dendritic Cells by Enforced Expression of Transcription Factors

Fábio F. Rosa, Cristiana F. Pires, Olga Zimmermannova and Carlos-Filipe Pereira

May 20, 2020 / Volume 10, Issue 10

Understanding and Modulating Immunity With Cell Reprogramming

Cristiana F. Pires, Fábio F. Rosa, Ilia Kurochkin and Carlos-Filipe Pereira

December 11, 2019 / Volume 10, Article 2809
Frontiers in Immunology

Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts into Antigen-Presenting Dendritic Cells

Fábio F. Rosa, Cristiana F. Pires, Ilia Kurochkin, Alexandra G. Ferreira, Andreia M. Gomes, Luís G. Palma, Kritika Shaiv, Laura Solanas, Cláudia Azenha, Dmitri Papatsenko, Oliver Schulz, Caetano Reis e Sousa and Carlos-Filipe Pereira

December 7, 2018 / Vol. 3, Issue 30, eaau4292
Science Immunology

Compositions for Reprogramming Cells into Dendritic Cells or Antigen Presenting Cells, Methods and Uses Thereof

Fábio F. Rosa, Cristiana F. Pires, Carlos-Filipe Pereira

October 13, 2018
Patent WO-2018-185709

Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts to Dendritic Cells for Immunotherapy

Fábio Alexandre Fiúza Rosa

July 16, 2016
MSc. Thesis - University of Coimbra