Nina Lipjankić

MSc Student

Defining Regulators of Hemogenic Reprogramming by CRISPR Screening


Nina completed her bachelor studies in Genetics and Bioengineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then moved to Sweden to continue her education at Lund University as a student of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. Her current research interests include stem cells and cellular differentiation mechanisms. During her time at the Pereira lab, she will be conducting her master’s thesis project on identifying regulators of hemogenic reprogramming using CRISPR.

In her free time, Nina enjoys learning Swedish, doing origami, listening to podcasts and watching movies rated higher than 7 on IMDB. On a sunny day, she likes to spend time in a park with animals or play Kubb with friends.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Bioengineering, International University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)