Robin Scheuplein



Motivated by the book of Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief, Robin undertook an undergraduate degree in Bioscience in Frankfurt (Germany) and Tromsø (Norway) to gain a fundamental scientific background. During his bachelor thesis, he investigated dense core vesicle secretion in C. elegans by means of genetic engineering. He specialized on Biotechnology during his stay in Norway, which awoke a strong interest in innovation and biotech start-ups. Because of the vibrant biomedical start-up scene in Lund, Robin decided to conduct his master’s degree in Biomedicine at Lund University. During his time at the Pereira lab, Robin will investigate small molecules which can be used for generating human type 1 dendritic cells.

During his free time, Robin loves spending time in nature and play tennis, golf or football. He also enjoys to sauna and read books.

Academic Background

  • BA in Bioscience in Frankfurt (Germany) and Tromsø (Norway)