We are studying how hematopoietic cell fate is specified, maintained, and eventually modified or reversed. Inspired from the fields of stem cell biology, immunology, and cancer we use an interdisciplinary approach to mechanistically understand hematopoietic and immune cell identities and translate our findings into novel gene and cell therapies.


Lab Philosophy

At the Pereira lab we view Science as an opportunity to have fun exploring the unknown while making unique contributions to Society. Our multidisciplinary approach gets inspiration from the fields of immunology, developmental biology, stem cells, cancer biology and bioinformatics, cross-fertilizing ideas and leading to new discoveries. This requires diversity and teamwork both within the lab and with our worldwide academic and industrial collaborators. Professionally, students and postdocs are encouraged to keep improving their written and oral communication skills by writing fellowships and grants and by presenting their work at international conferences; which are key to prepare them for next steps in academia, industry, entrepreneurship or any other path they wish to embark.

Mission and Goals

The emergent ability to directly reprogram any human cell into desired hematopoietic cell-types is opening avenues to the discovery of new therapies for immune and blood diseases. The Pereira Lab aims to understand how hematopoietic and immune cell identities are specified during development and to use this knowledge to design new interventions for regenerative medicine and immunotherapy. Our mission is to foster world-leading science at the interface of cell reprogramming and hematopoiesis both at the fundamental and translational levels with the long-term vision of contributing with innovative solutions for the treatment of human diseases.

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

The Pereira Lab is committed to preserving, promoting, and advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion in our research environment and beyond. Our team is multinational and multidisciplinary, and our experiences contribute to our group's dynamics and create a strong sense of belonging. We aim to build an empowering research environment that results in new ideas, exciting collaborations, and engagement in our community. We hope that as we support one another and those around us, we will be able to reach our full potential not only as scientists but as individuals.


We drive our efforts towards efficiency and productivity, maximizing resources and infrastructure. In the lab, we comply with the 3 Rs policy, being respectful of reducing waste and unnecessary supplies, reusing whenever we can, and practicing responsible recycling. This attitude benefits us both scientifically and ecologically.

Public Outreach

We enjoy retributing to society the support we have been receiving for doing our Science. At the Pereira Lab we regularly take part on science outreach events as a way of both spreading scientific knowledge and also sharing the impact and the wonderment of our discoveries with the general public.

Lab Life

At the Pereira Lab we see cooperation and communication as the formula for great science and success, both as team and as individuals. Weekly labmeetings, project meetings and journal clubs serve as platforms for exchanging ideas and opinions. Trainees at all career stages develop their own projects, having the scientific freedom to pursue their own ideas, while at the same time being mentored by Filipe and senior members of the lab as part of larger collaborative projects.

Join Us

The Pereira lab provides an environment where creative and highly motivated minds can strive. Passionate scientists at all stages of the career stages including postdocs, graduate students, medical students and residents, undergraduates, research assistants and interns are welcome to join our team. At the Pereira Lab you will have the scientific freedom to drive your own project, while relying on your Lab mates with diverse expertise and skill sets for collaboration and support.