We are a diverse group – molecular biologists, MDs, PharmDs, tumor immunologists, stem cell biologists and computational scientists – at all career stages. We architect strategies to dissect and manipulate immune cell identity.


Olga Zimmermannova, MD PhD

Cancerfonden Postdoctoral Fellow

Ilia Kurochkin, PhD

CRI Computational Postdoctoral Fellow

Camila Vazquez Echegaray, PhD

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Pedro Cunha, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Luís Rocha, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Liliana Oliver Rios

Postdoctoral Fellow

Inês Caiado

PhD Student

Abigail Altman

PhD Student

Evelyn Halitzki

PhD Student

Diogo Cabral

PhD Student

Malavika Sreekumar Nair

Project Assistant

Mariana Gonçalves

Research Assistant

Daniel Oliveira

Research Assistant

Beatriz Lourenço Vaz

Research Assistant

Margarida Brás

Research Assistant

Alex Mateo

MSc Student

Tommaso Ballocci

MSc Student

Stefanie Weber

MSc student

Susana Pedreiro

Technician/Lab Manager


Luis Galán Palma

Former Erasmus Student

Currently PhD Student at Anna Bigas Lab. Hospital del Mar Institute, Barcelona, Spain

Ariane Tenreiro

Former MSc Student

Currently Research Fellow at David Breault Lab. Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Boston, US

Svandís Sæmundsdóttir

Former Computational MSc Student

Currently Associate Consultant at Cerner Corporation

Sara Llorente Armijo

Former MSc student

Currently PhD Student at MRC Clinical Sciences Center, Imperial College, London, UK

Andreia Gomes

Former PhD Student

Currently Business Developer and Inside Sales at NZYTech

Monika Malz

Former Kapital Ludzki Student

Currently PhD Student at DZNE, Bonn, Germany

Rigveda Bhave

Former MSc Student

Currently PhD Student at Vrije University of Brussels, Belgium

Kritika Shaiv

Former MSc Student

Currently PhD Student at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Raquel Marques

Former Student

Currently PhD Student at ICVS School of Medicine, Minho University, Braga, Portugal

Catarina Silva

Former MSc Student

Currently PhD Student at i3S, Porto, Portugal

Raquel Santos

Former MSc Student

Currently PhD Student at CNC, Coimbra, Portugal

Frederick Korbel

Former BSc Student

Currently MSc Student at Charité - Berlin University, Berlin, Germany

Cláudia Azenha

Former MSc Student

Currently Researcher at Biocant Park, Portugal

Jakob Haider

Former BSc Student

Currently MSc Student at Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Jennyfer Pastor Gómez

Former MSc Student

Currently Intern at SYNLAB Analytics & Services (A&S)

Tasnim Zahan

Former MSc Student

Currently Process Development Technician at Immunicum

Diego Cabrera

Former MSc Student

Currently Clinical Research Associate at Parexel

Cristiana Pires

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently CEO at Asgard Therapeutics

Fábio Rosa

Former PhD Student

Currently Head of Research at Asgard Therapeutics

Marta Pinto

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Hreinn Benónísson

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Nina Lipjankić

Former MSc Student

Eda Sağlam

Former MSc Student

David Linfeldt

Former MSc Student

Rita Silvério-Alves

Former PhD Student

Lavínia Romera

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexandra Gabriela Ferreira

Former PhD Student

Robin Scheuplein

Former MSc Student


Caetano Reis e Sousa

Francis Crick Institute

Dendritic Cells. London, UK

Jenny Hansson

Lund University

Proteomics. Lund, Sweden

Stefan Scheding

Lund University

Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Lund, Sweden

Stefan Karlsson

Lund University

Gene Therapy. Lund, Sweden

Katharina Lahl

Lund University

Dendritic Cells. Lund, Sweden

Raquel Almeida

i3S - University of Porto

Cancer Stem Cells. Porto, Portugal

Marella de Brujin

Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine

Developmental Hematopoiesis. Oxford, UK

Ewa Sitnicka

Lund University

NK Cell Biology. Lund, Sweden

Stephanie Hugues

University of Geneva

Tumor Immunology. Geneva, Switzerland

Michal Bassani Sternberg

UNIL - Lausanne University

Immunopeptidomics. Lausanne, Switzerland

Johan Bengzon

Skåne University Hospital

Clinical. Neurosurgery. Lund, Sweden

Dung-Fang Lee

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Kinases and Phosphatases. Texas, U.S.

Kenichi Miharada

Lund University

Cancer Cell Reprogramming. Lund, Sweden

Kees-Jan Pronk

Skåne University Hospital

Clinical. Hematology. Lund, Sweden

Göran B Jönsson

Lund University

Melanoma. Lund, Sweden

Malin Lindstedt

Lund University

Head and Neck Cancer. Lund, Sweden

Cristian Bellodi

Lund University

Epitranscriptomics. Lund, Sweden

Transgenic Core Facility

University of Copenhagen

Transgenic Mouse Model Generation. Copenhagen, Denmark

Drug Discovery and Development Platform


Small Molecule Screening. Stockholm, Sweden


Asgard Therapeutics

An important hallmark of cancer is the ability to evade the immune system. Asgard Therapeutics has the goal to establish dendritic cell reprogramming as an entirely new approach to unleash the immune system against cancer.

Blood Reprogramming Technologies

Blood Reprogramming Technologies is a biotechnology start-up focused on the use of direct cell reprogramming to generate innovative solutions for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and blood regeneration.