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Fábio Rosa Defended His PhD Thesis

On June 10th 2021, Fábio Rosa defended his thesis “Generating Dendritic Cells by Direct Cell Reprogramming. Merging cellular reprogramming with immunology towards the development of novel cancer immunotherapies.” with Prof. Thomas Graf from the Center for Genomic Regulation (Spain) as opponent.

Filipe Pereira Is The New Editor-in-Chief of Cellular Reprogramming

Following on the legacy of Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, Filipe Pereira becomes the new Editor-in-Chief of the Cellular Reprogramming Journal.

Filipe Pereira Awarded a Swedish Research Council Consolidator Grant

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) has published the results for this year’s applications for consolidator grants, in which Filipe Pereira was selected for, in the scientific area of Medicine and health.

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This is Portugal.

Portugal has vaccinated >98% of all those eligible (meaning everybody >12-yr old). There is nobody left to vaccinate.

Be like Portugal.

We are delighted to be advertising our next Stem Cells @ Lunch online seminar. Join us next Tuesday 5th October where we'll be hearing from Prof. Denis Duboule of @epfl_en and Prof. Filipe Pereira (@CellReproLab) of @Lund_Stem/@LundUniversity.


No better way to start the academic year than in a boat in Malmö full of reprogramming scientists! An exciting year ahead! @CellReproLab #Reprogramming #teambuilding

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