Andreea-Medeea Matei

MSc Student

Harnessing Diverse Dendritic Cell Reprogramming for Immunotherapy


Medeea graduated from Linköping University with a Bachelor’s in Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine. During her bachelor thesis and successive research projects, she investigated how DNA-PK and the TRF2 iDDR prevent MRN-dependent resection, and so double-strand break recognition at leading-end telomeres. Medeea is currently a Master’s student at Linköping University and she has deep interests in cancer, immunology, and cellular reprogramming and how these can be studied to design new therapeutic approaches for various pathologies.

In her free time, Medeea spends time with her family and friends, working out, trying out new recipes, and playing with her pet bunny. She loves nature landscapes and, when she sees an inspiring one, she tries to paint it sometimes.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine, Linköping University (Sweden).